" Optimal Sensors Placement for Flood Forecasting Modelling "


G. Fattoruso, A. Agresta, G. Guarnieri, B. Lanza, A. Buonanno, M. Molinara, C. Marrocco, S. De Vito , F. Tortorella, G. Di Francia


Numerical models are instrumental to more effective flood forecasting and managementservices though they suffer from numerous uncertaintysources. An effective model calibration is hence essential. In this research work,a methodology of optimal sampling design has been investigated and developed forwater drainage networks. Optimal hydrometer sensors locationsalong the Amato River (South Italy)have been defined by optimizing a two-objective function that maximizes the calibrated model accuracy and minimizesthe total metering cost. This problem has been solved by using an enumerative search solution, run on the ENEA/CRESCO HPC infrastructure, evaluating the exact Pareto-front byefficient computational time.

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Computing and Control for the Water Industry (CCWI2015) Sharing the best practice in water management

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