" Evaluation and design of a rain gauge network using a statistical optimization method in a severe hydro-geological hazard prone area "


G. Fattoruso, A. Longobardi, A. Pizzuti, M. Molinara, C. Marrocco, S. De Vito , F. Tortorella, G. Di Francia


Rainfall data collection gathered in continuous by a distributed rain gauge network is instrumental to more effective hydro-geological risk forecasting and management services though the input estimated rainfall fields suffer from prediction uncertainty. Optimal rain gauge networks can generate accurate estimated rainfall fields. In this research work, a methodology has been investigated for evaluating an optimal rain gauges network aimed at robust hydrogeological hazard investigations. The rain gauges of the Sarno River basin (Southern Italy) has been evaluated by optimizing a two-objective function that maximizes the estimated accuracy and minimizes the total metering cost through the variance reduction algorithm along with the climatological variogram (time-invariant). This problem has been solved by using an enumerative search algorithm, evaluating the exact Pareto-front by an efficient computational time.

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AIP Conference Proceedings

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