" Detection of cluster of microcalci?cations based on watershed segmentation algorithm "


C. Marrocco, M. Molinara, F. Tortorella, P. Rinaldi, L. Bonomo, A. Ferrarotti, C. Aragno, S. Schiano lo Moriello


The presence of clusters of microcalci?cations in mam- mograms is particularly signi?cant for early detection of breast cancer. In this paper a Computer Aided Detection system designed for this task is described. The detection of microcalci?cations is performed by means of a segmen- tation based on a watershed transform and a further anal- ysis based both on heuristic rules and AdaBoost classi?- cation. Finally a clustering algorithm is applied to detect those clusters of medical interest. The approach has been successfully tested on a Full Field Digital Mammographic database that has been developed through a strong cooper- ation between radiologists and computer scientists.

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Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2012, 25th International Symposium on

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