" Design of a smart EIS measurement system "


F. Clemente, M. Romano, P. Bifulco, G. Faiella, M. Molinara, M. Cesarelli


The Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements, in addition to being used for research purposes, are increasingly spreading in clinical setting. Thanks to the improvement of electronic and information technology, the necessary equipment is becoming increasingly simple and small, suitable for example for home care applications. In this work, the characteristics of a smartphone based system for impedance measurements are described. Besides, it is tested its reliability by measuring resistors of known values which fall in the range of bioimpedance. The proof demonstrator, here assessed, consists of a prototypal analogic, low-power chip capable of performing impedance measurements at different frequencies, a hardware support for the connection with a standard smartphone and an application properly developed. After its final validation, the proof demonstrator could be useful to design wearable devices for sport and consumer electronic.

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