" Metrological characterization of a novel microsensor platform for activated carbon filters monitoring "


G. Cerro, M. Ferdinandi, L. Ferrigno, M. Laracca, M. Molinara


Nowadays, an increasing concern about people and environmental health and safety is spreading all over the world, and technologies such as efficient monitoring systems are furthered. In the field of air quality, filtering systems, especially based on activated carbons (ACs), are commonly used. In most cases, their state of health is not monitored, and their time of life is based on statistical and a priori evaluations. This paper proposes a novel microsensor platform for the real-time monitoring of AC filters based on the impedance measurements during gas exposition. A metrological characterization of the novel proposed instrument is provided in this paper, by comparing its output to a reference RLC meter. A calibration and adjustment procedure is developed in order to analyze the device measurement capabilities and obtain correction coefficients. Experiments with different gas typologies are presented, and the analysis of filters impedance dynamics is provided.

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